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Rental Information

Hours of Operation

3pm - 9:30pm Monday - Friday

9am - 9:30pm Saturday & Sunday

Rental Pricing

$500/hr - Full Facility (Both waiting Lounges, Fitness, Pitching/Open Area, All Six Cages, Hittrax, Hack Attack Jr.)

$250/hr - Pitching Half - 38' x 85' - two portable collegiate mounds

$240/hr - Hitting Half - 38' x 82' - up to six cages with movable dividers to configure space as needed (1/2/3/4/6)  Cage 5 may be available.  Pricing is for five cages guaranteed, sixth may be included at the same price)

$60/hr Fitness Area - two power racks, aero bike, plyometrics boxes, sleds, slam balls, plyo walls, bands, agility ladders

$75/hr - single pitching lane - configurable to whatever distance is needed.  Four lanes possible, only two collegiate mounds available.

$50/hr - HitTrax Cage 1

$40/hr - single batting cage (2/3/4/5/6)

Single Day - Individual Team Rental:

$100/hr - Three Cages - 38' x 41' Total Space (Cages 1/2/3 OR Cages 4/5/6)

This rate is for drop-in, single day rentals.  Not block rentals/winter workouts.

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